Understanding God’s Word

Cahungwarya Translation Project, Nigeria

Excitement Comes to the Ngwoi-Cahungwarya Community

The Ngwoi-Cahungwarya speaking people have been asking when they will hear the Bible read in their language. During a church service, Rev Amos Karaku read aloud from the recently published Ngwoi booklet of Matthew for the first time. The Ngwoi speaking people became excited and began asking questions such as, “Is it true that Ngwoi will soon have their own Ngwoi Bible and not just a chapter out of the book?!” They want to join a literacy program to understand all God is trying to say to them when the Bible is finally distributed to each of them. Many promised to support the translation work in their prayers.

The translation team reports, “We, the people of Ngwoi, now have a better understanding of God’s Word. The translation is now preserving our language; the translation work is bringing unity among us!”

The Ngwoi people thank God daily for the translation of the Ngwoi Bíble.

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