Translation: Making an Impact on Families and Communities

Basa-Gurmana Translation Project, Nigeria

Learning about literacy Gives renewed hope for their families and culture.

People are becoming more and more aware of the translation work throughout the Basa-Gurmana community. They are beginning to appreciate that the language is being written for the first time in their heart language! And learning about literacy work in their mother tongue gives them excitement and renewed hope for their families and culture.

One of the translators, Yushau Dauda, of the Basa-Gurmana Project says, “I give God all the glory for his mercy over my life throughout this quarter and year. Because of my involvement in drafting, team checking, and consultant check of the book of Luke and Matthew for the Basa-Gurmana Bible, I now have a better understanding of these particular books of the Bible. The stories throughout Luke and Matthew used to be areas that were confusing to me. Now they are evident to me. My wife and I now use those translated portions of Scriptures for our family devotion, which was not possible before my involvement in translating the Scriptures into my language. Also, I can now read and preach using the translated portions of Scriptures into my Basa-Gurmana language.

I am also happy for God’s Word that is making progress all across Basa communities. I thank God for my life and his divine protection as we traveled to do community testing and meet with reviewers of the translated portions of the Scriptures throughout this year while doing team checks on the Basa-Gurmana Bible. There is growing excitement whenever people read or listen to the translated Scriptures being read in our language!”

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