The Luyana People Read the Bible to Learn Literacy, While Learning God’s Word

Luyana Translation Project, Zambia

Bible translation can save their languages and their cultures!

The Word for the World currently has eight first time Bible translation projects in Zambia. One of the smaller tribes speaks Luyana. With only 3100 people who speak this language, the 80% of them who follow Christ desperately want to have access to the Bible in their own language. They want to hear God’s words in a language they can understand easily. They want to share the Gospel with the rest of the Luyana people who do not know Jesus, and help them to see that God speaks their heart language!

Many language groups with whom TWFTW works, do not have a written form. Because of this lack, many of these languages are dying. Bible translation can save their languages and their cultures! In 2011, the Luyana translation team had to develop a writing system as their first challenge. The Bible translation project not only brings the Word of God to them in their mother tongue, but also gives them a writing system providing them access to literacy education and recording their history and stories for posterity. Having their language honored by showing this people that God considers them worthy—even though they are few in number—to know his Word spoken in Luyana creates powerful testimonies of God’s love and grace for them!

When some men from the community visited the offices where the translators work, they had an opportunity to read some of the early translation drafts of Scripture. They confirmed with excitement how natural the text sounded to them. They proclaimed, ‘We cannot wait to receive the Word of God in Luyana!’ With over half the New Testament complete, and by the grace of God, they will not have to wait too much longer to have the Gospel message of Christ available.

Many Bible translation teams work under difficult circumstances. The Luyana Bible translators have their own set of challenges. As some towns do not have electricity, the translators must rely on people from the village and nearby towns to assist with facilities and donating utilities where they can work with the resources they need. Also, the Luyana people’s villages are spread out and far from other towns, which makes visits from the supporting community to check translation manuscripts for comprehension and ease of expression difficult. Yet, even under these circumstances, they eagerly continue to preserve the holy work of translating the Bible! May the Spirit of God honor their efforts for their people and continue to reveal himself through his Word.

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