Jesus Teaches the Burji People to Pray

Burji Translation Project, Ethiopia

The Burji people now know the Lord's Prayer!

Translating the Bible into the Burji language has only just begun. The Burji translation team has translated The Lord’s prayer, and Getahun Ado, one of the translators, took 75 copies of it to his Orthodox church members. When the congregation understood that he offered them Scripture in their heart language, they ran to get it; but he ran out before all could have a copy. The people marveled that now they could understand what Jesus taught his disciples to pray, and how they could pray! One man stated, “I now know the Lord’s Prayer in my language!”

The Burji people encouraged their translators by telling them that they are doing a great service for the community. Finally, they urged the translators to bring more copies of The Lord’s Prayer and any other passages they have finished and to complete the translation of the whole Word of God for the Burji people.

Published By The Word For The World

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