Impacted by Scripture

Marakwet 3 Translation Project, Kenya

Sophia never felt more inspired.

Sophia never felt more inspired.

Churches across her community had recently adopted the New Testament in their language of Marakwet. As a result, congregants were understanding God’s Word much better during sermons and their enthusiasm for Scripture was evident.

The positive changes excited Sophia, and being a choir director, she had the idea to write some new worship songs in Marakwet. She got to work composing right away.

Sophia wasn’t alone.

Gospel artists and choirs alike have taken to producing their own worship music in Marakwet. This new trend is a welcome development to the Bible translation team and to Sophia. These songs showcase the change wider access to Scripture is making in the community.

What’s more, translation work among the Marakwet has helped fuel this music boom by drawing attention to the need for literacy in the local language. An organization that focuses on literacy has partnered with the Marakwet team, using the translated New Testament as part of their curriculum. With more people reading and writing in their own language, they’ve gained the ability to craft lyrics using their newfound skills.

A team member commented: “It was really inspiring to see the impact of the available New Testament in our churches in transforming lives and enhancing the literacy level among its users.”

Sophia credits the combination of scriptural availability with higher literacy rates for this musical movement. She is grateful for the empowerment of Christian musicians in her community.

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