Hearing and Understanding are Two Different Things

Awngi Translation Project, Ethiopia

Hearing the life and love that Jesus embodies in the heart language of a community!

An Awngi-speaking man at a large gathering of close to 1000 Awangi people listened to one of the Ethiopian area’s preachers. The preacher was teaching in the national language of Amharic. After becoming frustrated as he tried to understand what the pastor said, the man decided to leave the room and go home. The preacher saw the man leaving and asked him why he wouldn’t stay for the whole teaching. The man replied, “What is the use of it, if you teach loudly in a language I do not understand?!”

Then, the pastor started to speak in Awngi, and the man became curious and attentive during the teaching. The man began to understand what was said and learned why so many people gathered around to hear the pastor preach sermons. God spoke to the man and began to soften his heart.

The preacher says that translating the Bible into the Awngi language is essential because it helps him communicate to the Awngi people the Gospel message with accuracy. Hearing the life and love that Jesus embodies in the heart language of a community, and not a national language that the people do not comprehend well, makes a significant impact for God’s Kingdom!

Published By The Word For The World

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