Head Chief Declares Support for Bible

Bu Translation Project, Nigeria

God Has Answered Our Prayers!

When the TWFTW Bu translation team visited one of the local villages to speak at a church service, the chief of that village thanked them for making the village aware of the project. He promised to continue to pray for the Bible translation project’s success, and likewise pledged to encourage his community members to support the project according to their abilities in prayer, with financial gifts and gifts in-kind.

That same day, the head chief in charge of the whole Bu people invited the team to his palace to explain more about the translation project. The team told him about the significance of the project and what it could do for his community and his people. The head chief then stood from his throne and declared to his people, “This is exactly what we have been longing for, and our God has answered our prayers. I declare that my family members and I are ready to support the project. Thus, I declare that my entire kingdom will join me in supporting the project. We can’t wait to see the Word of God written in our language!”

Because of the head chief’s declaration, the Christian women in the community decided to organize a singing competition and fundraiser to support the ongoing translation project. Some the women were amazed when the Scripture was read in their mother tongue of Buh. Some wept as they proclaimed, “We are surprised that God loves us and speaks our language! Therefore, we will continue serving Him in the language He gave us.”

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