God Will Make a Way

Middle Eastern Sign Language

Fulfilling a Destiny

Saba*, an American refugee from the Middle East, works a familiar route to deliver packages, six days a week. Every day, as she lifts assorted packages on and off the truck, she notices that each box has a specific purpose. Carefully labeled instructions give each their final destination. Each one, filled and packed tightly, bubble wrapped and paper enveloped, prepared to make the journey and fulfill their destiny.

Saba, although fairly new to her job, dreamed of more. She imagined herself doing more than sending boxes to their specific destination. She wanted a calling of her own – a destination filled up and packed tightly with the glory of the Lord.

On her only day off, Saba attended church. She had heard that a sign language project for her home country was underway. The team had finally received funding, yet they were searching for an experienced signer who fit her specific skill set. Signing God’s Word on camera was risky. Saba knew her face would be recognized. Talking about Christ was illegal in her home country. Still, she knew that this was where God was leading her. Through this work, she would be able to honor God and possibly reach the unreached Deaf Persian community. She was willing, but the job required time off of work, yet time off was not something that came easily.

Saba courageously went to her manager, but her request for time off was denied. She didn’t stop there. She pursued her appeal with upper management, yet the request remained denied. Saba went back to the Deaf Bible Society team members and said, “We need to pray.” Through prayer, the team sought Jesus Christ – the highest authority.

Two weeks later, Saba called the team to share her miracle.

She had been having some pain, and her doctor told her that she should not lift boxes at work for at least a month. An enthusiastic Saba reported back to the team, “I may not be able to lift boxes, but I can lift my hands. I can sign!” That next week, she joined Deaf Bible Society and began the next phase of the Sign Language Bible project.

“Yes, and from ancient days I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?” Isaiah 43:13


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