God Uses the Radio to Spread His Word

Gwandara Project, Nigeria

Broadcasting to many Gwandara's ears

How do Bible translation teams create awareness and generate interest in their communities? One local team leader for the Gwandara Bible translation in Nigeria shares with any who will listen about the ongoing Gwandara translation project. Through word-of-mouth, a local radio station heard about the project. One man who works for the station visited the translation office. Thrilled by the work the translators do, he broadcasted over the radio about what he experienced. His broadcast reached many Gwandara people’s ears. People began visiting the translation office to see for themselves what the translators are doing.

After a meeting with Gwandara translation team, a cripple man said, “This is the greatest achievement they have ever had in the community. I am pleased since God wants His people to worship Him in the language He gave them.”

Many of the clergy have come together in unity to pray and discuss how to move the project forward. The Gwandara Bible translation team leader humbly appreciates TWFTW for considering his language worthy of the training and support they give. He gratefully says, “God decided to bring this translation work to unite the Gwandara sons and daughters together!”

And it started with the power of radio. God uses man’s tools to unite his people for his glory!

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