God Hears and Speaks Every Language

Shama-Sambuga Translation Project, Nigeria

Bible translation fosters unity in their hearts

In an area that has challenges in receiving quality education, the Shama-Sambuga people have come to understand that they all can learn to read and write their language because of the efforts of the Shama-Sambuga Bible translation team! Through hearing the Shama-Sambuga translation of the Gospel of Matthew taught in the various church denominations in their communities, the local people have seen how the Shama-Sambuga Bible Translation project has fostered unity in their hearts, and the people now believe that God hears and speaks every language!

When the Shama-Sambuga head chief, Hussaini Ahmed, heard about the translation progress, he promised to visit the Bible translation office and offer his assistance to the project. He exclaimed, “This is what I have been waiting for many years, and at last it has surely come to us!”

The translation team humbly expressed, “We feel so blessed that the four of us [were] selected to be TWFTW translators. We are excited to help our community, and feel it was a miracle of God and a blessing upon our lives!”

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