Flooded by God’s Light

Yemsa Translation Project, Ethiopia

Another step closer to receiving the complete Word of God in their heart language.

The Yemsa people, who live in southwestern Ethiopia, have taken another step closer to receiving the complete Word of God in their heart language! Antoinette van der Meulen, one of the Greek and Hebrew experts who work for TWFTW, finished checking the Yemsa New Testament with the Yemsa translation team in mid-May. These consultant checks involve ensuring that the translation is accurate in regards to the original Greek/Hebrew text, that the meaning is easily understood, and that it sounds as natural as possible so that the community hears God speaking in their language.

In 2007, when the most recent census was taken, there were an estimated 160,500 people (not including children) who spoke Yemsa as their first language. How incredible to think that soon all these people will have access to God’s Word in their mother tongue! As Psalm 119:130 says, “The unfolding of your words gives light….” May the Yemsa people soon be flooded by the light of God’s Word. Please continue to pray as TWFTW’s Yemsa Bible translators work to finish the translation project so that the Yemsa people can have access to the Bible as soon as possible.

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