Eloyi Community Joyfully Anticipates The Eloyi Bible

Eloyi Project, Nigeria

Understanding the Eloyi Bible for the first time!

One of the Eloyi translators, Victor Odu Eko, was at a morning devotion at his church when he witnessed some of the church members hearing the Scripture of Matthew that was read in their local language of Eloyi. You could see it on their faces that they finally understood the Bible for the first time! The church members erupted with enthusiasm, and they became overwhelmed with joy. The people had never heard the Bible in their language before. One of the parishioners, Mr. Ibrahim, mentioned that he would fervently learn how to read and write in the Eloyi language. He believes it will give him joy and fulfillment. The villages that speak Eloyi eagerly await the completed Bible so that they will understand what God wants to tell them.

The translators have said, “Translation work has provided us with profound insights into some words in our language that we have never understood! The Eloyi Bible translation has also brought us together as one united family. Everyone is happy with the new development and looking forward to the Eloyi Bible to read and listen to our language for the first time.”

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