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Melo Translation Project, Ethiopia

Printed Material for the Melo People

Dejene Mulugeta, who did his Ph.D. on the Melo language, traveled from Adddis Ababa University to visit the TWFTW office for the Melo translators. Dr. Mulugeta said, “There was a study of the Melo language back in 1958, and nothing has been produced or written in this language since that time.” He found that in the Melo community, the people practice many of the traditional African religious rituals and beliefs. He found several problems related to these beliefs that could be solved by having Scripture that they understand in their own language accessible to them. Thus, the Melo Bible was started in 2012 and will become the first published material in this language!

A teacher, Mathewos Mabeta, at a Melo elementary school visited the Melo translation office to tell the translators, “We are eagerly waiting for the published Melo New Testament, yet it has not happened. The Melo people are expecting the publication and distribution of this book! However, it has been delayed. My friends and I always discuss how it can be distributed in the community. When can we get it?”

The translators realized how much their community wants and needs the Bible. With this encouragement, the translators feel renewed vigor to continue with the calling of this sacred work—not just for the New Testament, but also for the Old Testament, so that their people can receive the whole Word of God!

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